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Chicago Fundraising


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"Using Poker to Help Charities Reach Their Fundraising Goals"

Main Event Charity Games is no longer promoting charity events.

Are you looking for a great fundraising idea in the Chicago area? Look no further. Consider being a part of the latest craze for all of your fundraising goals.

Main Event Charity Games is a Fundraising and Event Planning Consultant Firm that specializes in working with charities to put on upscale Vegas-style and upscale Atlantic City-style poker tournaments and poker games. We will show you how to manage and run a poker event so you will make money for your charity, but you'll be able to promote your cause to hundreds of new people, who may not have heard of your charity.

We are
dedicated to working with non-profits as they run charitable gaming events to raise funding for their organizations.  Once you decide to move forward, one of our staff members will assist you and create a plan for your event, work with you to complete all necessary documents required by the State of Illinois, locate a licensed venue to hold your event, arrange the equipment needed for your event and market the event locally and to our player database. We will provide you with professional marketing material so you can easily market the event to your circle of influence. Every event runs for ten to twelve hours.  During the event you will manage the running of Texas Hold’Em where you will receive a portion of every hand or tournament played. This is how you will make your money.

A well-organized poker tournament could be your largest
Chicago fundraiser this year! We'll immediately start planning all four of your Chicago fundraising events in tournaments on our website so that our poker playing followers can see them.

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