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Chicago Live Poker

Welcome to Main Event Charity Games, a new chapter in Chicago live poker, that is in line with Las Vegas and Atlantic City style poker.  We have begun offering live poker games  throughout the Chicago area to players giving them the opportunity to play for real money and compete for prizes that include WSOP, WPT, Heartland and other major live buy in events, all in a live poker setting.

Our Chicago live poker charity games are unlike any of the Chicago charity live poker games you've seen in the past. For one thing, the rake amounts will not be anymore than what you experience in the casinos. The poker tournament entry fees will be as proportional to the buy-ins as you'll find in the casinos.   All buy-in money will go in the prize pool. The charities will not make anymore money than a Casino Poker Room will make.

Lastly, you will experience a Chicago Live Poker setting equivalent to what you'll find in the casinos. You'll find top-of-the-line tables, as well as, top-of-the-line tournament and cash game chips. Everything to make your stay with us as enjoyable as it can be.

You'll also enjoy delicious food prepared by the best chefs in the Chicago area.

Also for your convenience, we will be accepting, very soon, your credit/debit cards in exchange for your chips. So, you don't need to carry a lot of cash on hand.

You will find all types of poker games, as well as, blackjack tournaments. Our Chicago live poker games will carry no-limit, as well as, limit games.

So, do yourself a favor, experience Chicago Live Poker at its very finest by attending a charity "Main Event". 

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Chicago Live Poker


The Main Event Charity Games™  will be offering Chicago Charity Games  at various venues throughout Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Play in live poker tournaments and live poker cash games in a Las Vegas style setting. There will be poker games and poker limits for everyone. Regardless of your poker skill level, there will be live poker games in which  you'll feel comfortable playing in.