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Fort Worth Live Poker

Now expanding to help Fort Worth area Charities.

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"Using Poker to Help Charities Reach Their Fundraising Goals"

Are you looking for a great fundraising idea in the Fort Worth area? Look no further. Consider being a part of the latest craze for all of your charity fundraising goals.

Capitalize on the fact that the Fort Worth area has thousands of dedicated and skilled poker players just looking for legal place to play poker without traveling to Oklahoma or Louisiana.

We are Fundraising and Event Planning Consultants. We offer the most professional charity poker tournaments seen anywhere. Our charity games are well organized and will be your charity's largest fundraiser. We do everything for your charity, such as provide you all the equipment, including tables, provide all the dealers, locate a venue, secure food and beverages for the players, advertise for your event, and contact the thousands of poker players in our database, who will in turn attend your charity fundraising event.  

A well organized poker tournament could be your largest fundraiser this year! We'll immediately schedule your tournament and put in on our website so that our poker playing followers can see it. We have been helping charities run poker tournaments for two years and have been very successful.

These Fort Worth fundraiser events will also not cost you anything out of your pocket.  What can be better?  It doesn't cost you anything out of pocket, you don't have to plan anything for it or do any fundraising work up front. All you have to do is supply volunteers to work the event under our guidance and at the end of the fundraiser enjoy a rather large contribution for your charity.

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