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Poker Pros who are coming during the TV Event Weekend




Poker Pros
Scheduled to attend and play on the 19th.


           2007 WSOP Main Event Champion
Born in Laos, Jerry Yang grew up poor in a politically unstable environment. His humble upbringing has helped him keep his new stature as WSOP Champion and millionaire in perspective. Yang told ESPN in a post-match interview: “The day the American government called my father’s name and said, ‘Hey, you can come to America,’ that was the happiest day of my life. My winning today also means a lot to me, because I know that I can use this money to do a lot of good for other people out there.”

Socially conscious, Jerry is determined to give something back. He pledged 10% of his winnings to three different charities − the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Feed the Children, and the Ronald McDonald House.
Since his win in 2007, Jerry has donated more than $1 million dollars to various charitable organizations and has personally raised more than $800,000 for charity.  In July 2011, his memoir titled All In:  from refugee camp to poker champ, the Jerry Yang Story will be released.  Medallion Press (in Chicago) is the publisher of his book.


          WPT 2009-2010 Player of the Year
Professional Poker Player and current WPT Player of the year Faraz "The Toilet" Jaka is scheduled to attend and play in the Windy City Poker Championship Season #2 on November 19th-21st. Faraz a native of Illinois has recently seen amazing success on the tournament circuit. He has amassed more than $2 million in career earnings and will bring his unique poker skills to our event to compete in our televised championships.


Professional Poker Player and Blogger Scott Clark, who likes to be referred to as "Scotty" will be attending our championship weekend. Scott is a native of St. Louis Missouri and recently won a WSOP H.O.R.S.E. event in Southern Indiana. 


I received my poker experience naturally. As resident of Madison, Wisconsin, I've been playing poker for almost 20 years. There in a little joint called the Players Sports Bar. In fact, It was in that very joint, that I met Madison's other favorite poker son, Phil Hellmuth, and while Phil went on to, you know, other things, I decided that I liked my home-away-from-home game so much that I bought the bar we always played at and have owned it ever since.

I regularly travel to the big events on the poker tournament calendar, such as the World Series of Poker® and the Aruba Ultimate Poker Classic, or any WPT event.

I am currently a sponsored professional for Ultimate Bet. You can also find me as an instructor at the WSOP Academies which I have done for the last 6 years.

When not playing poker, I can be found down at my place called Players Sports Bar making the worlds best burgers, or in the studio doing a weekly Poker radioshow called Manup with Mark and Mike on 1670 WTDY.

Livin the Dream

P0ker H0


It's no understatement to say that Nick Brancato has A LOT of experience. As an Internet Poker Pro he's logged over a million hands, equal to nearly 20 years of full time live playing experience.

Nick began his poker career with just $200 and promptly proceeded to lose nearly half his bankroll. Disgusted, he purchased several poker books and began to truly study the game. Nick relentlessly scrutinized his play, carefully analyzing key decisions after each session, constantly seeking to optimize his game. Initially concentrating only on Sit-N-Goes, Nick worked his way up, eventually learning to consistently beat some of the largest Single Table Tournaments available.

Nick then began to focus on No Limit Cash Games. The experience of playing over a thousand Sit-N-Goes made him an immediate low stakes winner. Since then Nick has steadily moved up in limits, consistently crushing the games, now playing eight high limit tables at once. Playing so many hands has made the technical side of Nick's game nearly automatic, leaving him free to focus on more advanced strategies.

Nick graduated college with a Computer Science Degree in only 3 years. At just 20, he began a career as a Web Developer, soon becoming a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. His heavily computer oriented and mathematical background serves him well, as Nick has become a master at the statistical analysis of poker.

Raised in New Jersey by a family of educators, Nick soon followed in their footsteps. Inspired by his late father, Jerry, a teacher who was also a great high stakes Stud player, Nick left his lucrative computer job to become a high school educator. This afforded him the opportunity to not only play more poker, but also to do something he has always found extremely gratifying, teach. Never doing anything halfhearted, within the year, Nick went on to get a Master Degree in Educational Administration.

Now, Nick's primary focus is just poker. While playing tens of thousands of hands a month, he remains a true student of the game, spending countless time reviewing his play, studying hand histories and devouring poker material. His prior teaching experience, along with his online expertise, provides an exceptional learning experience for students.

Nick currently lives in Jersey City, NJ. When away from the tables he enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially his mother, Karol, and long time girlfriend, Anna.




Rick Fuller has been playing poker since being introduced to the game at the age of 8. He has been playing in casinos and card rooms for the past 17 years. In January 2004, Rick left his full time job as a Police Officer and began playing poker professionally. In that time, Rick has won several tournaments and made numerous final tables. He has made 3 final tables in the World Series of Poker, just missing a coveted World Series bracelet with two third place finishes and one ninth place finish. His 2007 World Series cashes netted him more than a quarter million dollars with a third place finish in no limit hold'em and a twelfth place finish in limit hold'em. Several money finishes in the game of Omaha 8 or better garnered him a sixth place ranking in Card Player's player of the year race for Omaha in 2004. Also in 2004, at the Reno Hilton World Poker Challenge, Rick made two final tables, placing 7th in the championship event, on the T.V. bubble for the World Poker Tour. In 2005 Rick made an amazing 3 final tables on the Ultimate Poker Challenge, playing on television for the first time, winning one event and placing 3rd and 4th in the other two.

Rick has played poker in more than 20 different states and 9 different countries around the world and has studied the game extensively. In 2005 he served for a short time as the Vice President in charge of marketing for the United States Poker Association where he helped to make policies and procedures governing poker. Rick is also a recognized writer within the poker industry. He has written many articles for several poker magazines, including Bluff Magazine, All In, and Casino Player.

His skills as a player are complimented by the insight and knowledge he has gained as a writer. Rick offers unique insight on tournament play, and provides a wonderful perspective for any amateur looking to move his or her game to the next level.



Read Larry's bio here.