Newsletter April 2010 Vol II  


Upcoming MECG Events

Saturday April 17, 2010
Tilted Kilt
17 N. Wabash
Chicago Loop, 60130
License has been issued

Saturday April 24, 2010
Tilted Kilt
17 N. Wabash
Chicago Loop, 60130

Saturday May 1, 2010
Cactus Bar & Grill
404 S. Wells
Chicago Loop, 60607
Must be 21 to enter Cactus

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Most Valuable Tournament Player

Congratulations to Bobby Brown for being the 2010 First Quarter Most Valuable Tournament Player
The 2010 Second Quarter Most Valuable Tournament Player contest starts on 4/17.


Charity Event

There is a Charity Event put on by the Fox River Grove Lions Club coming up.
*Tournament & Cash Games*

Sunday April 25
Check-in at 11:30AM Tournament Starts at 1:00PM Sharp
DíAndreas Banquets & Conference Center
4419 Northwest Highway (Rt
s. 14 & 31),
Crystal Lake, Illinois 60014

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Feature Article
Don't Under-Estimate the Need for GAME SECURITY

Game Security! What does it really mean?

To us at Main Event it means adopting rules and creating a playing environment which will prevent players from having an unfair advantage over other players at the table. The only advantage one player should ever have over another player is the difference in a player's skill level.

Now, how does a Poker Room create this type of environment?  It creates it by using common sense mostly, and a commitment to making security the highest priority above everything else.

When players are playing in a FREE poker game and not risking anything of value, it's perfectly okay and acceptable to adopt a Poker League model in running the games. But if players are risking something of value then it's the responsibility of every poker room to adopt a Casino Poker Room model. Nothing else should be acceptable.

We claim to be the "only Casino-Style Charity Poker Room in Chicago" not because of the upscale tables our charities use and it's not because of the upscale clay chips our charities use, but rather it's because our charities, with our direction, adopt the same playing rules found in every Casino Poker Room.

It starts with the very basic of decisions. One of the most common sense, basic decisions that a poker room can make in maintaining the integrity of the game is that players do NOT touch the cards other than the two dealt to them. We will never let players shuffle cards as a way to speed up the game or for any reason. The tables used by the charities we work with have built-in card shufflers, just as the Casino Poker Rooms utilize.  The charities we represent understand the importance of Game Security.

What's the problem with letting players shuffle cards? It's not the fear of a Player marking cards. It's the fear of a player removing a card from the deck, and then switching that card at a later time, which can be done very easily. Think about it........

You are sitting at a table. The Dealer is about to deal the cards to start a new hand. A player at the table is getting ready to shuffle the deck of cards used during the last hand, and get it ready for the next hand. The Dealer puts the cards in the air. Now, as a player, where are your eyes focused? Well, you wouldn't be a very good poker player if your eyes weren't focused on one of two places. Your eyes are either focused on looking at your own cards or watching the other players at the table, as they are looking at their cards, trying to pick up a Tell. So, if everyone's eyes are focused on these two places, who is watching the player who is shuffling the other deck of cards? 
No one is! There lies the problem! There are no cameras and floor personnel canít watch everything. What about the added problem of Player collusion? A player at the opposite end of the table could be talking, attracting everyoneís attention to him, away from the person shuffling the cards. You think this canít happen?  Think again, it does happen. Most players just don't realize it or are led to believe that it doesn't occur in the room they are playing in. This is why Casino Poker Rooms collectively would rather spend millions of dollars on the purchasing or leasing of Card Shufflers as a way to speed up the game, and would never allow a player to "prepare" a second deck of cards.

Of course Game Security doesn't stop with not allowing players to touch cards other than the two they are dealt. Game Security also entails the following rules:

1. Players are never allowed to ever touch the muck pile.
2. Players cannot toss their cards directly into the Muck Pile.
3. Players are never allowed to reach into the pot.
4. Cell phones are never allowed to be used at the table.
5. Both Player's cards must be in plain view of the Dealer at all times.
6. Only English can be spoken at the table
7. Player Collusion is never tolerated.

If you ever wonder if something is allowed in the Main Event Charity Games poker room, ask yourself this question..... "Is it allowed in a Casino Poker Room?" If the answer is NO
, it is not allowed in a Casino Poker Room, then it will not be allowed in the Main Event Charity Games poker room.

This is what the phrase "Casino Style Poker Room" is referring to.



Event This Saturday 4/17

Two MTTs, Plenty of Cash Games and Blackjack



St Jude Hockey Club will be hosting the event this Saturday (4/17) at Tilted Kilt. There are Two Multi-Table Tournaments scheduled, as well as Cash Games and the most Player friendly Blackjack you'll find in any Charity poker room.

2:00 Hold Em Tournament ($40):
15 Minute Blinds
4000 Starting Chips + 1000 Add On

BuyIn ($25) + Entry Fee ($10) + Add On ($5)
FREE Food/Drinks Voucher with Add On purchase

7:00 Hold Em Tournament ($100):
20 Minute Blinds
000 Starting Chips + 2000 Add On
BuyIn ($80) + Entry Fee ($15) + Add On ($5)
FREE Food/Drinks Voucher with Add On purchase

- Split any starting pair
- Double Down on 10 or 11
- Can take Insurance when dealer shows Ace
- ALL ties are a Push

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Feature Article:

Player Collusion!