Newsletter January 2009 Volume I   


2 Upcoming Events

Saturday Jan 31, 2009
Grace O'Malley's
1416 S Michigan Ave
Downtown Chicago  

Saturday Feb 7, 2009
Pyramid Club
236 W. Lake St
Addison, IL 60101




Tip From a Pro

Common Mistakes
by Phil Gordon

Everyone makes mistakes. The thing is, a good player will learn from them while a bad player will make the same mistake over and over again. And poker players that can exploit these mistakes will win.

Here are some of the most common mistakes.......... (read more)






Pyramid Club - In the NW Suburbs

Close to Chicago - Plenty of Parking

February finds us branching out to the suburbs. The Pyramid Club in Addison is a very large pub/restaurant. We expect a very good turnout, just from the club patrons. Register online and save your

seat until 10 min before the MTT Tournaments, or pre-pay online and free yourself of any worry about getting there in time to get a seat


Comps are Being Increased

Play in the Cash Games and Earn Comps

In November we introduced our Player Rewards Program, where anyone playing in a Cash Game can earn Comps, redeemable for food and drinks. We are happy to see that some players have already started accumulating their time. To be more consistent with the Casino Poker Rooms, we are increasing our Comps to $1 per hour of

playing time. (read more) about how the program works