Newsletter January 2009 Volume II   


2 Upcoming Events

Saturday Jan 31, 2009
Grace O'Malley's
1416 S Michigan Ave
Downtown Chicago  

Saturday Feb 7, 2009
Pyramid Club
236 W. Lake St
Addison, IL 60101










Camera!  Action!  Shuffle Up and Deal!

Our "Main Event" Tournament is coming to TV

Okay Poker Players.. are you ready for this?  ..... A new chapter in Chicago Charity Poker is about to be written. Together, with the Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation, we have been working with a Production Company to come in and tape our "Main Event" tournament at 7:00 pm on January 31st. The Final Table action will air on TV sometime mid-to-late February. In

addition to creating priceless exposure for the charity, this taping offers our  poker players a chance to demonstrate their poker skills on TV, for all to see, just like the WPT and WSOP.

There will be some footage shot during the early and middle stages of the tournament. However, the cameras .... (read more)


Tip From a Pro

Overcards in Early Position
by Kenny Tran

Recently, Andy Bloch wrote about the perils and pitfalls of playing big cards - A-K, A-Q, etc. - when they don't connect with the flop. Like Andy, I think learning to play these kinds of hands well, adds an important weapon to any player's arsenal. Of course, ..... (read more)