Newsletter November 2008 Volume II    


2 Upcoming Events

Friday Dec 12, 2008
Dec 13, 2008
Grace O'Malley's
1416 S Michigan Ave
Downtown Chicago




Tip From a Pro

Loosening Up Before the Flop Part 1
by Andy Bloch

Knowing what to do and when to do it is what separates those who just play in tournaments from those who make final tables. This is especially true in No-Limit Hold ‘em, where the first decisions you’re faced with are... (read more)






Earn Comps By Playing in Cash Games

Introducing "Player Rewards"

In keeping with the Las Vegas and Atlantic City Casino tradition of offering comps to players, we have rolled out our "Player Rewards" program. Like Vegas and Atlantic City, we will also reward players who sit down and play in any one of our cash games. Players even

have the ability, right from the website, to see how much playing time they've accumulated at the cash games, as well as, how much in comps their time converts to. Use your comps in exchange for  .... (read more).


Pre-Buy Your Cash Chips, Right From the Website

Using PayPal, the Industry Leader

For the convenience of the players, we are giving all players the ability to pre-buy cash chips, right from the "Main Event" website. Why carry the money with you, when you can buy the chips ahead of time. Your chips will be bagged and
ready for you to just pick up at the Bank Table. All a player has to do

is just sign the receipt and he or she is in the game. Players can pay using their PayPal account or they can simply pay by using a major credit card. Go to the Events Page for Friday Dec 12 and Saturday Dec 13 and buy your cash chips ahead of time. Cash chips can only be purchased from the website up until four days before the event. At the event it is strictly cash.

All of us at Main Event Charity Games wish you and your family a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.