Newsletter October 2008 Volume I    


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Saturday October 18, 2008
Grace O'Malley's
1416 S Michigan Ave
Downtown Chicago

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Tip From a Pro

Playing Over-Cards
by Andy Bloch

For many players, there's nothing prettier than peeking at their hole cards and seeing paint. A-K. K-Q. Q-J. They're all big hands and, often times, very playable ones, especially in position. Sometimes though... (read more)






Cheating at Poker

And Our Approach at Preventing It

For months you have been hearing that Main Event Charity Games is bringing a new style of charity poker to Chicago, a Casino-Style Charity Poker Room. What makes a "Casino Style Poker Room"? Naturally one could say that it's in the equipment used, the service that's provided, and the security procedures in place, and they would be correct, 

Marking Cards


Card Removal


Passing Chips


Player Collusion

but in reality, its much, much more than that. What makes a poker room a "Casino Style Poker Room" is.....  (read more)


Effective Sit n' Go Tournaments

Just what makes a Sit N' Go (SNG) tournament effective? In order to answer that question you first have to realize the benefit that a SNG should bring. In multi-table tournaments, when players make it to the final table, they usually find themselves in unchartered territory,

causing them a dilemma, because a good number of books will tell you.......  (read more)